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Quick Tip #002—Inline Minified JavaScript


npm install uglify-js to make the Uglify JS minifier available in your project.


Add the following jsmin filter to your Eleventy Config file:

const UglifyJS = require("uglify-js");
eleventyConfig.addFilter("jsmin", function(code) {
let minified = UglifyJS.minify(code);
if( minified.error ) {
console.log("UglifyJS error: ", minified.error);
return code;
return minified.code;

Create your JavaScript File

Add a sample JavaScript file to your _includes directory. Let’s call it sample.js.

// Hi

Capture and Minify

Capture the JavaScript into a variable and run it through the filter (this sample is using Nunjucks syntax)

<!-- capture the JS content as a Nunjucks variable -->
{% set js %}{% include "sample.js" %}{% endset %}
<!-- feed it through our jsmin filter to minify -->
<style>{{ js | jsmin | safe }}</style>

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